Can someone explain to me why explosion is kinda trash?

So, explosion magic (the magic I use) isint very good overall,
Sure it might deal more damage when someone is frozen, like most magics do, or when they are petrified, but at the cost of explosions stats seeming kinda trash. People please correct me if im wrong at any part here but from what i’ve seen and heard:
Explosion has -10% damage (Im unsure if this is true)
Explosion has bad clash rates overall
Explosion is slow
Explosion has high destruction to the terrain thats useless
Explosion has a status effect that really doesint do much
and no, different magics dont have different base aoe’s, I learned this the hard way.
explosion seems kinda trash to be honest, why pick explosion when you can have fire?
Fire has normal damage (also unsure about this)
Fire is decently fast
Fire has good clash rates overall
Fire can destroy the terrain pretty nicely as well
Fire also has burning DoT, which is quite powerful on stronk fire spells. (it basicly cancels ur regen cause of the damage)
Explosion do clap peoples ears tho with the boom sounds.

What do you mean ‘explosion has bad clash rates’? Explosion only loses 4 clashes and wins 14.
Infact, fire loses 12 clashes and only wins against 5 magics.
Explosion’s clash rates are actually really good
High destruction = Deletes anything your opponent may use as cover and is just satisfying to use
The charred status effect is basically the heat version of ‘freezing’ meaning it will be useful in the future.
The damage is actually pretty average compared to most magics, and its not really all that slow compared to most.


oh crap I was looking it it the wrong way LOL.
ok thanks for clearing that up, but as an explosion user I can say, it is really slow. (Not as slow as earth, but s l o w)

It only has 10% less speed than fire with its .90x speed multiplier.
Of course, when put up against something like light or lightning, it obviously looks slow because everything does in comparison.
For reference: Light’s speed multiplier is 1.7x and lightning is only slightly slower.
As an explosion user, I say its a pretty well rounded magic.

Explosion is just that one magic created to fuck with the physics and the destruction engines that WoM has. If you wanted to use an actually meta magic, you’d probably go with Paper or Glass, despite their absolutely horrible destruction rates.

It’s supposed to be a meme magic lmao, just become the meme

most people disregard the good sides of spells and the fact that there are things called stats that you can customize to fit your magic. Every magic is good in some shape or form and is further enhanced with stats/armor/accesories. you can blindfold yourself point at a random magic and say something bad about it but it really wouldnt matter since its down sides can be easily resolved with some armor.

pretty sure explosion and fire are the same speed iirc
(nvm its 0.1 slower which is still barely any difference so its still good speed)

Adding onto this, explosion has massive blast size.

Explosion is honestly meant to pair with low destruction magics like ink , sand,and paper.

Otherwise it’s actually alright. Full destruction explosion build gives you access to handheld nuclear arms

The only true major strict downside I can think of for explosion is that it has… too many particles and is near impossible to properly aim barrage attacks since they completely blind the caster.

thats sorta the fun of it tho

Not really, since you’re too blind from the smoke particles to see all the nice explosions you’re creating.

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