Can someone post this on suggestions FOR me

Any tester or anyone with suggestion privileges please say something about this. I’m putting it here cuz suggestions are blocked off unless you have permissions.

Remove the -350 when you die, it’s actually stupid how high it is. You can lose 1k in just a few minutes.

When you die you’re not supposed to lose ALL your progress on gold, it’s actually stupid how high it is. You can lose 1k in just a few minutes. If you’re a good player and you are still in story mode, you get punished.

Someone argued you can put your gold in Clan Bank, why do I have to be FORCED to be in a clan to save MY gold that i spent the last few HOURS on to lose it to a captain thats lvl 118 on a fortified ship or if I wanna reset to my main spawn or if a ravenna guard captures me I lose 350 no matter what.

Idc if its not that much, its the principle of the people who are good at the game lose TOO much from stupid things. If you hate on this post, we all know you’re just broke and you probably never had 10k gold before or you never had more than 1000 than huh?

You should only lose 50 gold from being captured by guards, 100-200 if a player kills you, and 250 TOPS if a boss kills you. And if you die passively you only lose 100.

You also have to have 3 hours on an account to be able to “Trade” to a second account

The only useful line in your whole sentence. :point_up_2:

Ah and yes, prophet. @ThatOneGuy

Arise, the cosmos cries, come hail ThatOneGuy,
The Prophet of the Apocalypse!
Endless days, running wild, a vision so true,
Our souls, no longer exiled.

He speaks of woe and fear but only brings us hope,
His uttered prophecies will show us the rope.
His stay is short yet his voice so clear,
Reflecting his thoughts of power so dear.

Time and space, they follow his lead,
As his words and deeds answer every need.
Come greet this one great man,
And honor his earth-shattering plan.

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have you tried not dying?

MmmMmmm money

Well, resetting is really annoying when you lose money, but anyway… “you are suppossed” to pick ship and drive for hours because you should spend more time achieving things you want in this game. @sock miss replied, sry.

i agree with the resetting point, or at least don’t care if it’s added or not

Honestly you should just be able to choose your spawn island upon joining the game. The only requirement being that you have to finish the “storyline” centered around the island. Obv the other story-related spawns would be kept and sometimes lock the feature im speakin about.

Stop being broke

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