Can someone summarize the timeline and lore from AA to AO

I never played AA so if anyone can explain everything that happened and the context please do (no I’m not a 5th gen im 4th gen)

Best you can do is go on YouTube and try your luck there but I’m sure you will fine some fine explanations here too, do keep in mind you can save yourself time by just looking it up in the forum and I won’t be surprised if you were to find a old thread with the same question but answered.

There is a lore doc you can read here that has all of it:

But the TLDR version is:
-Prometheus gave magic to humans
-Big war between humans and gods (some gods were also on the humans side)
-Cursebeard led a charge against mount olympus and demanded Prometheus make sea curses, afterwhich prometheus is killed
-Durza (Or Acheron) gets absorption curse, starts stealing other peoples magic and other curses
-Encounters Theos and they fight twice, Durza loses both and has a hissy fit so he destroys 80% of the world and turns it all into islands
-AA rolls around, we are accidentally revived by Durzas revival magic
-Theos makes us his disciple basically, helps unlock second magic
-Durza revives Prometheus, Theos fights him, wins but dies to injuries
-Player keeps travelling through the seven seas, unlocks third magic and mutates first and second minds, becomes uber powerful
-Cursebeard declares war on Durza and his edgy army of zombies, Durza revives Zeus who died ages ago btw forgot to mention that, along with most other gods
-Zeus ganks Cursebeard, We fight Durza and Zeus in a 2v1 and win
-Durza commits sudoku and pretty much fucks over the entire seven seas
-Few months later, start of ao story


Amnesiac super zombie fights the forces of evil


This is the tldr of my tldr

Very angry at life boy turns into Very angry at life man with ability to absorb magic and curses. Builds a tower and starts AFK farming. Can revive the dead.
Magic phoenix man known as Theos, The War Phoenix, absolutely dogs on Durza and Durza is salty. Durza then goes for a rematch and a undead army, after starting to lose again to Theos, encapsulates all his saltyness and magic bologna into a last ditch effort to kill Theos, but due to Durza’s inability to be good, misses badly, instead the blast hitting a mountain and wiping out 80% of the human population, driving Vastus to near extinction, shattering continents into small islands, and spreading magic pollution all around the world, making the weather crazy and whatnot, thus creating the Dark Sea.
After this, civilization starts regrowing after centuries, traveling happens through ships as the norm, and everyone just kinda accepts that islands are the way to live now.

Then Durza, being the whiny manchild he is, starts reviving the dead, again. Enter… us! The Arcane Adventures protagonist, the “Peacekeeper”, affected by Durza’s revival spell… which he wrongly casted… because Durza is a genius and also a dumbass. Power gets to your head, y’know. Durza also has little control over us, since we were a mistake.
As we were essentially ashes floating on the magic-polluted sea for over 800 years, our atoms are filled with magic, so we’re quite literally built different and grow stronger and faster than other mages. This is where Arcane Adventures starts and we meet Theos.

Anyways, to summarize everything, we train and open our minds, getting more magics and stuff. Theos fights an undead god, which we help fight, Theos manages to destroy him but also dies due to his injuries, lots of powerful people die, we defeat Durza and Poseidon. And Durza does… guess what? Another tantrum and explodes into pure magic energy! Either way, this is happening on ANOTHER side of the world, so we don’t have to worry about that! Probably…

Exactly one month later, Arcane Odyssey ensues, so we go from the 7 seas to the War Seas. No connection exists between the seas, since they’re so far apart and there’s no way of fast communication or transport invented yet. After a while, the Peacekeeper starts hunting Sea Curses to destroy them.
That’s about it, some parts get a bit dodgy because Vetex retconned some stuff like WoM’s entire canonicity, Durza’s name changed to Acheron, and the events of what happened to the Peacekeeper and when he gains the absorption curse.
But this should give you a decent understanding of the events.

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durza hit that Sudoku - Wikipedia

an idiot ( Prometheus ) gives humans magic who then use it to kill gods ( including prometheus )

an idiot ( Archeron ) found the absorption curse and proceed to, wait for it, absorb magics and curse before nuking the world like, twice after meeting Theos

said idiot accidentally revived and eventually get killed ( but not before nuking the world again!! ) by some random peasant whose body was super-magically-charged with magic energy ( Peacekeeper )

PK eventually went on a hunt for the curses to destroy them save for some remaining fews that were either in good hands ( like Light, Magma, Metal ) or are simply too hard to find/get ( Prometheus )

Yeah exactly