Can someone tell me what MFWIEADCAIRAISTTOMM stands for?

I see people using the acroynm “MFWIEADCAIRAISTTOMM” can someone tell me what it stands for please? Thanks. :slightly_smiling_face:

I have never this in my life but after about 10 minutes I think it means My Face When I blank blank blank blank blank blank blank And I Still Take Three On Monday Morning

If you couldn’t tell, when I say blank it just means that I don’t know

It’s a portal that leads you to Cthulhu’s boss fight.

It’s an acronym though how can it be a portal?

the lord works in a mysterious way

My face when I [verb] a [noun + noun or adjective + noun] and [it/I] [verb] and [it/I] [verb] the [noun] [preposition starting with “o”, likely not “out”, maybe “off” or “on”] [my] [noun].

Just by looking at it that’s my guess, though without context I really can’t do much about the actual content words. Might be wrong on some parts though.


Holy shit I don’t understand what kind of magic you used for this, but you’re pretty much spot on, It’s: “my face when i eat a dorito chip and it rotates and it stabs the top of my mouth” I didn’t expect anyone to get even close so I’m gonna make another one, but much harder >:))

yea thats just like typing a . in the youtube search bar