Can’t click on topics with Emoji Title

I don’t really know for PC users since I’m mostly mobile but whenever I try to click on this title I can’t click on it.

Usually for topics even if you don’t want to click on it, you’ll usually be able to hold down the title name and it can redirect you to the page but when I try that for this title all that comes up is highlighting the emoji.

Please help :nod:

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Yeah on PC ( at least for me ) I’ve been able to click on the emoji.

Also you have my condolences for being primarily a mobile user :pray:

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Yeah I couldn’t click on it either


rip, I don’t really use mobile so idk.



oh god why am I in there oh shit oh fuck :cold_sweat: :scream:

I can click on the topic. did you try clicking on the message count? (on mobile rn)

Get real