Can u still upgrade weapons?

since the release of the nimbus sea update my weapons are all level 50+ or 60+ and when i went to the blacksmith i can only find upgradable armor and not weapons. can i upgrade them somewhere else or is this removed please let me know


they now always have their fully upgraded stats

any way to get better weapons then level 60?

late story boss drops are usually higher lvl

you can get calvus’ triasta or maria’s weapons
or sunken staff
or all atlantean weapons
or the bronze greatsword/greataxe/warshield

i wanted elius his bow but is there a better option since i cant upgrade it?

siren bow is better

how do i get that?

fight sirens in the dark sea

thank u

i dont have weapons level 230 tho :joy:

you don’t need points to use the m1

how much damage does it do?

Siren bow used to basically be the equivilant of just pulling out a gun in a sword fight before itcwas nerfed lol