Can we get a W for the Tanning update

Also grab buffs too I guess


i love these little details so much, honestly hope it doesnt cause any issues lol

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First that dirt accumulation thing, now this. Vetex really loves his subtle details, doesn’t he?


Im convinced Vetex will come up with the most random shit to add to delay getting to the inevitable last part of updates, balancing, cuz it’s his least favorite thing to do :sob:

cool feature tho, although i wonder how it will impact darker skin characters


It’s joever guys… time to delete my 150hr Ice Sailor slot :frcryin: :frcryin: :frcryin:

here comes the balance patches

update this week maybe??

It’s been confirmed by Vetex that the update should release on friday.

At long last, the rushdown buff

I feel like one of these will end up creating a memory leak in some form

Next update a mini update dark sea underwater structures and charts

Mystery 5 gel in question

What am I gonna do, become a Beserker? Ew.

uhh guys what if i’m already using a black character
do i just turn to charcoal if i stay at ravenna or sandfall for too long


I can’t wait for all the mfs with pale skin and white hair to get absolutely sunburnt this update

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Who knew the biggest killer of players this update was skin cancer


Neviro is in constant agony.

big v better give my mans an umbrella he’s gonna need it

Vetex should add an umbrella item to protect against tanning lol (it’s only use)

Joke Rapier-type weapon: Fancy Parasol?