Can we have World Of Magic after AO but you play as the bad guy(Read full post. Vetex and techlevel pls think about it instead of roasting me in the comments pls)

Now I know Vetex said he wasn’t going to have World Of Magic Universe after AO ending because Age of Peace and it will be boring af if you play as a random normal ordinary guy and I agree but hear me out we get to be an anti-pk. Arcane had only one storyline which was the good guy save universe. AO we get to choose between villain and hero (probably idk but just an assumption pls no kill). But in Wom you get to play as the bad guy and bad guy only (because how will you play as a hero if no threats boy)

Maybe you can be as strong as Pk and maybe a quest to defeat Pk as pk get a quest to defeat durza in the end.Look you can keep whatever lore you want tech and vetex I’m just giving an example but please consider my idea. About the game mechanics you can keep the stationary NPCs and whatever you want Vetex.

And maybe this time vetex could not release the game early and solve travel issues?

Peace out.

Waiting for the regulars to dissasemble all my points and frame my idea bad :sleeper:

I know that AO is going to be the last game in the trilogy(Online Fighting was considered??? How 3???) but it shouldn’t take that much time to remake Wom when it was mostly done.

No doubt about it. Here I go.

Just kidding. It’s not gonna happen but it’s a cool idea :hungry::man_shrugging:

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AO was confirmed to be the last game in the trilogy so no.

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AA wasn’t actually “the good guy save universe.”
the only set thing is defeating durza
your player in AA could of been good/evil or whatever, the storyline doesn’t set that


When a person named Peacekeeper is evil and has saved the world. It makes you think - We live in a society

lets say, as an example, purely an example

hitler saves earth from an asteroid

does it mean hitler is good? not exactly
is he still bad? probably

but regardless, he saves the world from a threat

We live in a society :nod:

idk would be cool if we get to play sometime during the age of peace as the bad guy

but, we are meant to lose

We are meant to lose why, we could start an Age of Destruction :fr:

cool bro everyone dies the end


you really want the same shit over and over again?

:fr:yes [10 characters]

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I didn’t type H you didn’t see that

i think WoM would be better as a separated universe ( or maybe planet) like a “”"“reboot”""