Can you change system's pfp

Currently, the pfp of system is the same as Vetex’s pfp.
image image
This is kind of confusing. When system does things such as closing posts, it looks like Vetex closed them.

I suggest the pfp of System gets changed to something else. It can be this logo from Reddit, or something else.

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If you really want it to be a vetex lightning bolt, you could also hue shift the image to a different variation of lightning:


Cringe color

@Headless Thoughts?


damn no more burgess system :frpensive:

wait there’s an AO reddit

oh wait it’s unofficial

this a cool idea tho fr

wtf theres a wom reddit?

the discord is bullying the wrong people. there’s redditors which we should all bully

What if we didn’t bully people based on the social media they use?

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are you one of the redditors or somethin?

I used to be but I don’t use it anymore. I still think we shouldn’t bully people based on social media unless its 4chan.

there’s a precious hierarchy we must preserve. unless there’s a WoM board for 4chan, the redditors are at the bottom

Why must there be a hierarchy? When can we bring about social media anarchy?


after we overthrow the bourgeoise discorders, comrade. only then will us forum proletariats thrive.

The systems pfp is the small-logo of the website, not intended to be vetex’s pfp. This icon just shows up everywhere even if u install a PWA (App version of the forum), as it shows up as the app icon.

I liked the previous pfp
this pfp was pretty cool and humorous honestly but it’s upto you if you want to change it or not

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System should be banned off the forums for impersonating Vetex


Bumping this, since I still think it should be changed.
The old pfp probably had to go, but this new one is confusing.

What’s wrong with the images suggested? They’re still clearly AO/Vetex brand, they’d work fine as a small-logo.

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Couldn’t you just manually change system’s pfp by editing its preferences?