Can you drive a rowboat into dark sea?

saw this one and im pretty sure you can only have ghost deckhands when they die in darksea… but at the same time im pretty sure rowboat cant have deckhand so idk

could just be some players using invisibility T? and im dumb lol

No you can do it, it can reach enough stability for the first range and even if you don’t have the stability you can just repair it. What interests me more is that there are 2 ghosts there, when you can only have 1 deckhand on a rowboat. Could a castaway be rescued and then killed in the dark sea to cause a ghost to appear?

ur welcome to try

Don’t rowboats have a quartermaster slot? That might be it

on the wiki it just says “1 deckhand” and nothing about quartermasters

plus these ghosts look like neither edward or enizor

the ghosts don’t look like the crew member they replace, i don’t think


Couple things I should mention:

  • Ghost appearances are the exact same as those found on islands. These two NPCs look like actual ghosts to me. The ghosts are completely randomly generated no matter who died, be it a ship crew member or a deckhand. I don’t think they can replace quartermasters. (@Firevein)

  • Castaways don’t take damage it seems, not from cannonballs at least. It could be possible with lightning but that’d damage the ship too I think. Never had it happen to me before (@Ultimateblaze75)

im not sure if its already patched but stock rowboats are immune to the rough seas of ds and the ghosts randomly spawn, they arent deckhands and you cant even equip them anymore anyways

Ive tired a sailboat with nothing on it and there is a chance where ghosts can go on your ship if there is empty space for them on you ship

wait whats stock rowboats?

rowboats are the only boat without a quartermaster

a rowboat without a hull or lanterns

Love system

There will be a love system for a player which show the love for a certain player after that love meter is max you marry each other however if the age gap is 3 years or more then your renown is set to -300 and you will get level 5 notoriety which you cannot clear because the ASS guys do not want to help a groomer you will also get the title (Groomer of the Sea)

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