Can your character beat Kars?

Can your AO character defeat Kars?

(No broken characters like 10 milion magic or max knockback included)

Current AO character would get folded no matter what, even without kars being ULF, If we are talking about OCs, Wensday Ambrosia (my main slot) could low-diff kars by the end of their scenario, ULF would be a different story, but they could probably end up doing a similar thing as joseph and attempt to launch them to space, though at extreme difficulty at least


Honestly idk how strong your OC is but she could probally trick kars somehow

(LOL imagine kars sending alpha ehite eyes)

If we’re bringing in OCs…


yeah no Kars if fucking dying and in the most comically silly ways possible

i don’t think kars is gonna win. not in the ao world

Kars looking at the thermo warlord about to barrage him with searing striking gales and hitbox extended Poison dagger throws:

Willem Dafoe Looking Up | Know Your Meme

Should i change my warlord to thermo fist? I’m using sailor currently

Sad Linus | Know Your Meme

depends on your enjoyment (or if you want to become a metamancer)

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i want to be fast. But not meta

then go ahead (avoid ruining anyone’s days though)

Then I have to put effort into mastering the style… I wouldn’t have to drink water anymore though.

Ace could probably do it
But, from the limited research I did, it would not be an easy fight.

Does he know?

None of mine can beat him currently, but at their fullest?
Yeah, my warlock 100% could beat any Kars form that’s not ULF.

Honestly the stronger characters I have are the Davids due to their silly armor quirk that’s unreasonably logical.

Basically their armor is enchanted so they can’t be damaged by most types of damage. However, it’s not perfect.
They’re still susceptible to electricity damage, so lightning and any lightning related magics will work against them as direct damage. You can also melt their bodies as they’re robots, so magma is also super power and acid, though since it’s weaker it’ll do a little damage before the armor evaporates the acid.

Also long as this guy can’t melt through the armor or shock them, they win.

once we’re in late game and i have pressure and gravity magic i can just send him into space like joseph did

Regular OCs such as Fire Conjurer or Plasma Warlock would get folded in actual AO terms.

Unknown OCs would fucking melt Kars even ULF form

one of my characters can literally rewrite dna at full power so uh
goodbye ulf
no more generating squirrels for you
tbf kars can speedblitz a lot of characters

the trick is to break Kars mentally/spiritually rather than physically imo