Cannon Fist Usage and Practice

Hello, I’m a Fighting Savant with Ash Magic, and I use cannon fist for my first FS, despite being bad at aimming.

With that in mind, there is a way to use this mid-range fighting style efficiently, or its better to just replace it with Iron Leg and then use my magic and sword for mid-range damage?

If possible, I would prefer to listen tips about cannon fist…

replace with iron leg

Replace it.

cannon fist is fun. keep it :+1:


use it to make baller build.


I mean, for what pourpose do I haver to change It, If these two fighting styles do almost the same damage?

The only difference is that one is capable to aply damage with distance in exchange of not being capable of doing combos by itself.

I love cannonfist but its pretty bad for normal fights, if you see a enemy ship coming and your on land shoot em down with cannonballs its absolutely hilarious, anyway cannonfist is getting buffed next patch and its airstall is coming back so itll probably be better

bc its bad bro in pvp is trash but in pve its slighty better than iron leg if you want to spam m1

Thank god its getting airstall

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That makes sense…

ah yes “why is cannonfist worse” “because it’s bad” super good reasoning

But If you have another FS to do the close distance job, Cannon fist could help a little, can’t It?

I was thinking if the damage of its techniques was broken… But It means that this will be fixed.



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