Cannon fist warlock imbuements

Sorry if this is low effort, but I wanted to make a silly cannon fist warlock but I don’t know what all imbuements look like on the fighting style. Do you get to lob rocks at people with earth? Are they huge bombs with explosion? I’d love to hear some of your findings.

I tried it with crystal and the explosions looked very cool and made a crystal shatter noise, but the effect on the cannonballs themselves was just a colored aura (pink for me), not a coating or anything super cool

it would be cool if magic could change the cannonballs a bit more since I think they just give auras.

any liquid imbuement just makes an orb out of said magic with the cannonball inside it.

Fire and plasma make the cannonballs glow hot and the same color as the magic

earth just makes it look like big rocks

crystal coats the cannonball in a geometrical lattice like a gemstone

explosion makes cannonballs have a string that’s ignited on the end attached to each cannonball, like a cartoon bomb.

and so on

image (39)

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