Cannons speed penalty change

Am I high or were normal cannons always -5

equiping it also reduce speed by 7 like wth, could’ve sworn they were always -5

i recall it used to go -5, -7, -9 for light, normal, heavy
then heavy cannons got buffed down to -7

you’re high

no way you’re a regular optical :sob:

couldn’t find the change on trello like so confused rn

was my whole AO experience a lie?

it’s bec I’m always on on school

fun fact: every time I’m on I’m on my school chromebook

addiction :pensive: (i am doing this too)

youre not the first one
i also have sworn it was -5 speed

the normal cannons I always used to do the fortified pirate ships just add -2 speed to my ship
literally unplayable ( my normal progression is delayed by 30mins )