Can't play Arcane Odyssey anymore

I’ve tried playing Arcane Odyssey and whenever I join this pops up and kicks me out of the game:

I’m using the site client, not windows.

this anticheat is ass fr

yeah vetex is in testing phase rn still. should hopefully be better soon

if its still in testing why did it get put into production? put it on like a test server first and thoroughly debug it first

This is a display of dominance now for those who still can’t play AO

to be honest idk, i could’ve understood if AO was overrun by cheaters rn, but i don’t remember the last time someone complained about them lol

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arcane odyssey has the worst optimization ever

i don’t think this has anything to do with this.

it’s still true though



this fucking sucks I just wanna spend time with my ao waifu iris :sob:

Ngl idk who cares so much about cheaters or whatever to want a whole section of players banished (and more by coincidence)

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you deserve this

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the whole section of player that would be banished if the system worked correctly would only be cheaters, and maybe like 2 weird people.

that’s an abhorrent generalization you just made right there.

Just because certain players prefer using a well-known and trusted service to play their games does not mean they are cheaters.

i will not apologize to the 2 weird people

literally not reason to use the worse version, literally none

If this is truly an issue please record a full-screen clip of you going from webpage to in-game until the time of this kick message with no cuts. Furthermore I’d encourage you to make a bug ticket on the discord server to get a more rapid response rather than back-and-forth over the forums.


dont have any screen recording programs, know a good one?

obs would work, or could use nvidia geforce experience