Can't post art in any way shape or form (Edit: ended up finding a solution)

No matter what I do this fucking site won’t let me post art, I cant upload images no matter what (it’s not a size issue or file issue), I’ve been trying all week having people suggest every possible solution I could try all I can conclude is this site is a fucking mess. You, people, need to rethink how art is posted because this forum is unusable, today I tried posting the art using links it ended up only posting one link on the discord art channel and my Twitter link, there was meant to be 2 art links and 1 Twitter, along with that the embedding on the discord failed, this can’t be how people should post art all I want to do is cleanly display my work not use a shitty broken website to post my art. Look into this because this isn’t ok it’s annoying and pisses me off.