Cant return to Bronze Sea

Finished the mainstory and am spawning at Sameria right now. I have tried multiple times to return to the Bronze Sea by going through the “To the Bronze Sea” and am also asked if i want to go there. Then after choosing yes i end up at this screen:

Couldnt find anything about this at the report bugs section and am also not allowed to post there so I thought might as well ask someone here.
Is this something you know about?

try using the server browser

oh yeah and if it doesnt work try to file a bug report here, if you cant do that try in the discord

Worked to bring me to the Bronze Sea thanks. Too bad my cargo is gone.

Hey, this is actually because Ravenna has a blockade set up during this part of the story preventing the player from coming back! they actually use this cannon ammo called “fling”. You’ll be able to come back later in the story when Neviro becomes king