Cant wait for the DarkSea

gonna man a fleet of like 20 ships to go as far as we can


nah you need just one ship and a lot of repair hammers

it would be more fun with like a fleet doe lo

Too much individual repairing, you’ll run out of galleons

if you have a fleet you’re gonna get stuck between islands or something lol

i mean like 20 other guys on 20 diff ships

and we all go into the darksea together

20 person dungeon crawler


Ngl I do like the idea of the dark seas

out of anything though i hope theres a fishable set in like the magic seas out deep in the dark seas so we got a reason to stay there for long lol

I’d guess there’s unique fishes but you’d be ludicrous to stop and fish whilst on the run from various enemy ships and sea monsters

well thats where the purpose of multiple ships come in, you make a gigantic circle and fish in the middle and have men rush to where the spawns are and take the ships out

kinda like how northfish worked but instead of platform spawners its defenders

Why would you fish there though when the clear objective is to survive? You’d probably get more loot using that same group to escape the dark sea alive.

You might also not be able to fish there at all. I don’t think Vetex really wants that place to be considered a fishing spot. Then again, he probably isn’t sure himself so we can’t make assumptions so early on.

just keep in mind im a completionist i completed the entire fishing log + i run silverthorn aka a leaderboard guild

so doing insane things like this is kinda stuff i wanna do + never know till you try right?

if you want to go right ahead lol

this is still gonna be a long time away doe so lol

yeah i’m speculating AO is coming out late 2021/early 2022

but that’s what I had decided before all these new content was put up to public, I’d say it might even take early-mid 2022 now