Captain Maria Tips?

I have a major skill issue when it comes to AO boss fights so Captain Maria keeps insta killing me with her tentacles, and I can’t seem to land hits on her very much. I tried finding tips on You Tube, but the only video I could find was only good for mages, and I’m a warlock. So, I’ve come to the forums for help. Please give me tips for fighting her.

just jump out ontop of the ship to avoid tentacles

I tried that and it causes her health to reset.

You better off jump and stand out side near one of the wrecked ship than going that high.

The chance for you getting hit is lower and it’s not as energy consuming to get to the top

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wording could be better

parry the tentacles

go to the pointy part of the ship, the tentacles can’t get you there

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block her attacks

parry her tentacles

better yet, dodge them tentacles ( literally just move away )

pointy part and the driving part both work, its that easy

go to the corner of the ship

theres no reason to challenge her when shes invincible with the tentacles so just go on the upper deck in phase 1 and outside the hole (or at the front of the ship if you stay in it) in phase 2
just gotta make sure you hit her at least once between her invincibility phases or shes gonna respawn due to not having taken damage for a while. oh and sometime she just becomes invincible without even doing the tentacle thing, she just feels like it

other than that, the guns cant hit you if they come in contact with anything solid such as the barrels in the ship at its front, and the deck itself if you are outside, so only her other attacks can potentially hit you when hiding from the tentacles

oh and her beam charging aura doesnt protect her, doesnt deal a bunch of damage and takes a while to charge so dont be fooled and do abuse that opportunity to hurt her. easiest way to tell the difference is that the beam one is a lot bigger and has more pronounced particles than the invincibility aura

finally the most important thing
she can decide to win if she wants by spamming tentacles and its by far the most bs boss so far, losing to her isnt any shame


and dont get me wrong, out of all the bosses so far i gotta say its the worst designed one by far imo

Am I the only one that actually found her fun?

…Maybe that was just because someone else fought with me tho. Idk if I got carried or not?

But yeah, I immediately knew how to avoid them by going to the side of the ship. There were times where I was unlucky tho, and both of us died. But it was still a fun experience for me for some reason-

No, I found her fun too, her design may be flawed due to some annoying features and the tight arena but her being a first nimbus sea boss is kind of a decent design to me.

She hits hard like Calvus, but she isn’t TOO resilient, because SHE is a FIRST boss, she’s probably meant to be simple and not too hard to understand her patterns. May be a first boss but doesn’t mean she’s significantly easier to deal than Calvus.

Low HP but makes up for the I-frames she has and the constant 200 damage from her tentacles, its a good representation of a “weak boss” in Nimbus Sea. Not to mention, the only boss to not block or parry.

Also I’m starting to see a pattern of me liking bosses which are hated/disliked by the community (Lord Elius and Captain Maria) in this case Maria is disliked for her bad boss design (small arena).


I kinda hate Elius tho, I basically got stuck on him again on my alt :sob:

But I think its more of a personal issue as I realized my efficiency at combat starts to slow down the longer Im in combat, and once I get to the second phase, Im unable to fight as well as I did prior. Maybe Maria’s mechanic fixed that a little for me, idk.

listen, just change maria’s tentacles to be less long and cheesy and i’ll like her a lot more

Nah I found her fun
Just an advice
Don’t fight her at night

fun but the I frames are a little goofy I think making her take 5% of damage would have been better