Captain maria


Holy shit.
This might be your biggest banger yet, Kami. This is insanely good!

The silliest water conjurer has been drawn

I love that.
She could have had a better role as a character instead of appearing for a few minutes.

Honestly, I expected one of the Corsair to be way later in the story

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this mf never heard of anything related to music.

you’re right, I never heard any music here

First Maria fan art :partying_face:

oohh my goodness gracious

She looked blue from the little thumbnail and I was confused

220! 220! 220!

This is so peak :pray:

Damn that’s some fine art

she literally pulled a katara

on god hoping she returns

now draw her getting physically beaten down and crying
i fucking hated her i-frame water tentacle spam man

can i use this on my vid? thank you.

bark bark bark woof woof woof