Cargo run

Bro she even confirmed it herself. I forgot where tho just search around you’ll find it

O ok. This did not help me identify that:


Most stuff on here I would not expect from a girl. Then again, I don’t really talk to girls irl so :person_shrugging:

What type of dude links their instagram?

I ain’t an instagram user either, so :person_shrugging:

Then u aren’t qualified to answer that.

I don’t usually expect girls to call themselves nefarious gremlin psycopaths. That’s as far as ik.

im boutta link my nonexistent instagram acc

My school blocked like every social media site exept twitter and instagram.

More mystery time :mariomug:

Alr then, let me research on this :mag: (unless u don’t want me to)

got a lil less cargo

but i AM one.

Alright. Haven’t seen you around before.

This is really good art but every time i skim the forums i think this is koishi for a second and i get really confused :cowboy_hat_face:

just got an awesome idea to put her in a koishi costume



looked what koishi was, found some interesting results