Carina set or Calvus set? (PvE)

Hey y’all, Retro here. I wanted to know if I should use the Carina set or Calvus set for my water + ice mage. That’s all, cheers.

carina pretty sure from the knowledge i have 3 months or 4 months idk the magic size is pretty big

the Extra Agility is nice from Calvus set but Carina is way easier to farm so

Calvus is easier to farm than Carina, you can deal 750 per move charge he does, Carina moves too much

Eh I don’t really care about how hard the grinding is

I can sit in one spot and just spam her down since she’ll come to me, while Calvus needs brainpower to fully grind plus the annoyance of still dying to him from the BS passive small blasts

Carina doesn’t give any magic size boost

if ur actually good at pvp, go carina
if u need aim and cant dodge, go calvus

or just use my build

Oh I should’ve specified that this is just for PvE purposes

just use anything npcs are way too easy to kill to have specific builds to defeat them

water and ice already being large as fucl

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