Chadward Kenton

So I was trying to practice some uhh…- what do you call this- ‘face art thing’ (:sob:) but I didn’t know how it’ll look like. But then I thought of Edward and said, “Hey, Edwards a chad so imma draw him”. Added even more curly hair to make it look cooler. (He looks badass with it) I’m still trying to improve with the colors though…

Made this a few days after AO released.



Bro’s got that light skin stare

We call it a Portrait Drawing

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omg yes chadward i love chad edward and i love this drawing

Kinda makes me wish I didn’t have to travel with an elderly wizard

Looks like one of the sculptures of a Roman Emperor.


Wake the fuck up, @rubynmax1. You’ve got another piece of simpable Edward art in here.

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What a good way to start the morning :+1:

Thanks @Cav_III

No fucking way you were legit sleeping before you made this reply :open_mouth: :exploding_head:

My man looks like a jojo character

Since the time u reply, its still 4 am in the morning at my place

god dammit

Why is this so relatable :upside_down_face::upside_down_face::upside_down_face:

Neviro: (MC), just because Iris is carrying Morden doesn’t mean-
MC: Shut up, Neviro, this is why the entire AO community hates you, right next to Revon (who’s ass I’m about to kick later).

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