Change boats from being hollow

I have had enough problems with ships being hollow. It sounds like a weird thing but this is one of the most frustrating glitches in the game for me. Your ships in arcane odyssey are basically hollow but if you glitch into it, well you can’t get out unless you’re helped by another player or get lucky. But this one bug has costed me so many sealed chests in the Dark Sea and countless lives and galleons and what not. Literally TODAY, I was doing a Dark Sea expedition with around 8 sealed chests, and I was bringing another one to my brig from below (I was on a high island). When I fell I GLITCHED INTO the ship and couldn’t get out, being by myself. I tried everything and gave up the chest, kicking and punching but nothing worked. Then somehow A SHARK glitched into the ship also and killed me, causing me to lose my galleons and chests. This is not the only time my own ship has cursed me because of its hollow build, I’ve died even in the Bronze Sea because of this. It seems like an easy fix for me, just make the boat… not hollow??? Fill it up with something and nobody has to deal with this BS anymore.

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yep its a pretty annoying bug thats costed me some dark sealed chest too :sob:

This happened to my friend while we were being chased by an atlantean brig. After i lost it we took several minutes using grab and movement abilities on eachother until he got out.

If it happens again try putting on agility based armor with agility enchants until you reach 200 agility so you can teleport T jump out of there

Hey, ain’t its was fixed like right after release and now everyone who stuck in the ship automatically teleports out?