Change Conjuror to Battlemage

Change Conjuror to Battlemage
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If you’ve ever played Morrowind(a Elder Scrolls Game) You would know of this legendary class.
A Mixed magic and Weapon class Battlemages are a deadly mix of scholar and soldier, and are trained to utilize offensive spells during combat.
This perfectly fits what the Conjuror was going to be but with a better name. In my personal opinion, it will give more substance to it and would make sense as they can enchant weaponry with their magic so when someone says they are a Battlemage it just screams Xtreme Chadness and badassery as opposed to Conjuror which screams wimpy and doesn’t really make sense name wise as Conjuror is essentially summoning.




I dunno man… seems wack to me

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But there lies the problem. Its not the first thing on the list. When I say battlemage the class comes to mind when I say conjuror a summoner like in SMT comes to mind

A conjuror when it comes to magic is somebody who commonly uses spells that create weapons or summon creatures to fight with them. Definantly not wimpy and actually rather cool, but its the wrong term.

A battlemage is somebody who can bash your skull in with a hammer and then throw a fireball at you for good measure.


I debated it with myself after this comment and possibly A battle mage could be a person with more weapon than magic and conjuror more magic than weapon

You’re not wrong but the idea of a conjuror is that they make stuff with their magic, such as weapons, to fight with.

The Weapons + Magic combo the game is going for is using not-magic-made weapons with magic.

Wait that doesnt sound right

Weapons forged out of Arcanium metal which allows them to conduct magic. When equipped, you can select what magic you want to bind them to, and then create a spell to bind to the weapon. Different weapons will have different “boosts”/affects on these weapon-created spells, for example an Arcanium Bow may increase the damage and speed of spells exponentially, but reduce AoE size by a ton, making the attack similar to an arrow.

These weapons will scale with Magic and Weapon level, so they are most effective when used by Conjurers (Magic/Weapon hybrid builds)

So actually its not Magic mastery but rather its being used in conjunction with physical weaponry making it more of a battle mage

Arcanium weapons aren’t magic-made, they’re just magic-conducting.

Arcanium in the arcane universe is a completely physical material used to forge weapons like iron or steel.


So its more battle mage then?

That’s what I’ve been saying.

If your ‘battlemage’ character focuses on the summon weapons spells that we’ll probably get in mastery, then you’d be considered a conjuror.

Yeah, practicality is great and all but which sounds cooler?

All I was paying attention to were this guy’s sweet potato shoes


Battlemage sounds cooler, conjurer sounds kinda wack ngl

Totally agree

  1. Battlemage sounds cooler
  2. It’s the right name for the “class”

May I know what this topic is about? Is it something new on the trello I haven’t seen yet?

Trello updated man, you need to read it! We now have classes and player professions and all that cool stuff