Change High Jump Cooldown to PvP or In Combat only

Okay so in the Trello in the recent changes, it says that after using a High Jump spell, there would be a 30 second cooldown.

I have multiple critiques of this put I guess I could put myself in another person’s shoe. It seems to me that High Jumps seem to be a problem when fighting other players but the spell is very useful in other aspects besides combat. There’s the ability for a way of faster travel and helps you get to places like the Silent Tower or even the Ashen Volcano. It would seem pretty hard for people to get to the middle of that and back with just 3 high jump spells at a time to reach chests. So since high jumps are a problem to people who fight often or are just annoyed by high jump spamming, why not make the ability of just having the cooldown while facing another player or in combat? With this road, players won’t be able to high jump as much in combat while still having the features of helping us players travel and help us reach certain distances that are more efficient as to 3 high jump spells at a time.

honestly even in pvp 30 seconds is pretty extreme
while I agree it would stop runners, high jumps are often used for dodging in pvp
unless this only applies to spamming it idk

ideally 10-20 seconds would be a bit better, since it would still stop runners and be far less restrictive in pvp


I’m curious to know of the cooldown starts after any 3 are used (no matter how far between) or if there’s an interval that activates. 'cause yeah, 30 seconds is really long

it should also still have a cooldown after your combat tag ends, since sometimes in pvp the combat tag disappears inbetween interactions

personally, i really do like what they did with high jumps. even outside of pvp, you shouldn’t have so much fucking mobility by pressing a single button. it leaves room for dangerous areas where you cant just high jump to escape death

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but flight doe-

but also ye, more precise “platforming” should have a limit to the number of air jumps

there is still startup and can be cancelled if hit. what if you constantly hit areas when flying it gets cancelled to carry more risk. would be interesting to see caves with precise movement so you can’t just go into a dangerous area without feeling a sense of danger (assuming wom will even HAVE dangerous areas)

Ok, am gonna quote myself here.
Alternatively, make it so that the cooldown only triggers when you high jump 3 times in a row. This leaves some room for players to use high jumps in both pvp and exploration.

Flying above it sounds easy enough. You can also climb, which negates a lot of danger (though not all ofc)

Yeah I agree with this, also after messing around in TU with it a bit, it forces you to use climbing a bit more out of combat which is nice

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Make it so magic jumps just take a lot of magic energy, it will be less spammable

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Climbing as a feature is just bad in my opinion. Its literally just jump spam simulator. If possible, you should make it more like breath of the wild, allowing more complex movements on a wall. If you can do this, it will make this patch not a toxin for the pvp community

boi u just pressing the fucking space button for a 2 inch wall

why is spamming space the way to climb, it is heavily unrealistic and honestly seems like the lazy way out

ok buddy u wanna climb with the “backspace” button?

no i want to climb with w, a, s , d and not spam space

Then how are you gonna dash? With spacebar?

do you think we’re climbing on the floor or something?

in alternate idea is to have an “auto-climb” feature where it works a bit more like rogue. you climb once and you’re stuck there able to move freely until you run out of stamina or press space again to stop.

That is… side climbing. There would literally be no difference except side climbing.