Change to sealed chest auto unloading

Change to sealed chest auto unloading
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We all know the scenario, you just left the dark sea/got done with some ship farming with a large amount of loot, and you are ready to reap your bountiful rewards

over the course of 5+ minutes; during which you are completely unable to use your boat for any other purpose.


My proposal is simple, Double auto unloading speed. If we can carry two heaps of loot at once at level 2, why cant our crew?

Additionally, another solution could be to passively increase unloading speed for every deckhand you have, scaling with the tier of deckhand.

This solution could also bring other opportunities, such as Auto unload range scaling with deckhands, increased galleon profit, and other benefits that serve as incentives to recruit and improve deckhands.


Now that deckhands are being cut away from renown, I love the idea of including them into more ship perks.


Very agree.

Ooh very good idea integrating deckhands too

I personaly love every idea that makes the deckhands more helpful as they need to feel like they really help u along ur journey. This espiacially as unloading is really slow. Maybe deckahnds can even make comments when u get rare things like “Wow, we really hit the jackpot with this chest” or “This treasure was really worth the journey”.


oh hey it actually happened lol.

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i guess i dont say no to the deckhand stuff, but taking time to unload really isnt an issue at all imo
theres more to do than just waiting, you can fish everywhere, try the items you just got, check shops…

maybe an option at the captain quartermaster like with cargo for repairs, maybe would require one of those plank bridges from the ship to land to make things easier too, i imagine luck being applied still when you have it active.

wait you can carry double when youre lvl 2

you can carry double at any level

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