Changes to "Forces Inbound"

Changes to "Forces Inbound"
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The Problem

When at high notoriety, a player might get a notification saying “Forces Inbound”, telling them that navy ships have spawned to pursue them.
At least one ship will spawn where the entire crew will jump out of their stations as soon as they see a criminal, most likely meant for pursuing criminals on land.

Frustratingly, these types of navy ships will still spawn when a criminal is out at sea. When you near one of these ships on the ocean, the crew will jump off and chase you in the water without stopping. They do not have stamina bars, so they can simply swim forever.

It feels extremely unintuitive to fight these marines off properly, since usually your only platform to fight on is your own ship, which can still be damaged unlike the already sunken ships that one normally fights on. Fighting in the water is also a terrible idea because swimming does not reset your “air movement” charges.

I’m aware being a criminal is not supposed to be easy, but this just isn’t fun to deal with.

The Suggestion:

1: After travelling a certain distance, the crew of these ships snap back into their stations on the ship and the ship acts like a regular navy vessel that can be sunk properly, and

2: If “Forces Inbound” happens to a player that is currently sailing on the Bronze Sea, this type of ship either should not spawn or be replaced by a regular sinkable ship.


I think they should totally lose aggro after a while, but as for getting “Forces Inbound” at sea, me personally, I’m sailing to an island already and my ship is usually fast enough to just get to some place and get ready to hunker down. I do however also think that you shouldn’t receive “Forces Inbound” the moment you join a server, since it can be rather annoying at times.

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