Changes to some visual effects

Changes to some visual effects
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The majority of AO’s current visual effects are pretty great, I think we can all agree on that. However there are a few things that could be changed or added to improve the visuals of the game.

Imbue effects

Currently, most imbued attacks only have the special effects of the imbued magic/fightingstyle/spirit weapon applied on an ‘explosion’ effect, while it just changes the colours of all other effects to fit the scheme of the imbue. It looks quite good, but it’s slightly underwhelming to see a projectile only get special effects when it hits something, and otherwise it just has a slightly different colour than usual.

Therefore, I suggest that the parts, which changed colour on imbue, should also emit the signature special effects of the imbued ability.
For example, lightning imbued flying phoenix should produce lightning effects while it’s flying through the air, and not just once it hits something. Another example could be sailor imbued striking gale, where the projectile would have a swirling water effect in addition to the blue colour if the player is at 80%+ seawater.

This change should make imbued projectile skills feel a bit more unique, instead of just a change of colour until it explodes.

WoM magic circle effects

This is not a suggestion that asks for a return to the complex WoM magic circle.

Currently in AO, magic circles feel rather static. They just appear instantly at whatever size the player has specified, then they just fade away again after casting. They feel kind of boring.

WoM had a couple of interesting magic circle gimmicks to make them less static. Upon summoning a magic circle, it would first start out small, but quickly expand to the right size and when the player finished casting a spell, the magic circle would shrink again and disappear.

I suggest bringing back this part of the WoM magic circles, since they feel a lot more interesting than the current AO visuals for magic circles.

'Charging up skills' effects

Currently, charging up attacks on most classes feels a bit un-impactful. The attacks that the player releases upon completely charging their attacks is fine, since they get a large size and damage boost, but the charging of the attack itself is kind of bland.
Fighting styles have the best charging effects, since the size of the effects grow the longer the player holds it down. It works, it’s not the most flashy, but it works.

Magic has a pretty odd charging up effect. The only thing that changes is that there are now rays of the player’s magic’s colour coming off the sides of the magic circle. This just makes charging up magic skills unappealing and a un-unique.
Instead, the magic circle should slowly grow in size, to show the player the increase in the strength of the spell. The rays which come off the magic circle should also be replaced with the magic’s special effects. (such as wind’s gust lines, or earth’s dust effect). This would, again, signify to the player that their attack has become more powerful, and that they’re putting much more magic energy into this one specific attack, to the point where energy is literally seeping from the circle.

Same issue as with the magic effects. The little shine at the end of the player’s weapon which doesn’t change much the further they charge it, just feels kind of small.
In addition to the glint, the weapon should also start glowing once the user has charged it for 1 second or more. Streaks of energy (recoloured version of the wind magic gusts to fit the weapon’s colour scheme) should also be drawn towards the blade at this point.
This would show the player that they are putting a lot the latent magic energy in the weapon, and even drawing energy from the environment, into one powerful attack.

Spirit weapons.

When charging up a rite, whatever you use to cast said rite should have more spirit energy gathering around it over time. (think fighting styles, but instead of the shockwaves, it’s spirit energy). Along with this, strands of spirit energy should also be drawn towards the attack, similar to the idea for the weapon effects.
This would give charging up rites a more interesting indicator than just a couple of clouds of spirit energy.

These changes should make charging up attacks actually feel impactful and powerful, instead of them being somewhat bland.

Shadow shockwave explosion


The solid cylinder which appears when the player uses a shadow shockwave explosion is just kind of ugly and doesn’t fit well with the other effects in the game, especially considering shadow is supposed to be an energy-based magic. This could easily be replaced with shadow’s normal effects to make it consistent with all the other energy-based magics.

This change would make shadow’s (pretty ugly) shockwave explosion be consistent with the other energy-based magics, instead of it secretly being a solid visual effect.

or something
please just do something about shadow shockwave

Thank you for reading my silly ramblings about visual effects which could be added or changed in the game!
Please write your thoughts in the comments, and good night!


These are great, and I would like to add that most magics, from fire to earth, should be given spritesheets to their particles. (currently magics such as fire have the same exact image as their particle effect which is just repeated, this would add variation.

Please fix shadow explosion ;-;
It looks good imbued tho

Maybe it could look like a black hole/swirl thing

Uhhh… it does that in AO too, the rims of the magic circle rotate.

ah, I never really noticed that
probably because you can’t hold your attacks for nearly as long as in WoM

changed it

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