Chapter 1 full playthrough with no stat build [Possible spoilers]

No, you can’t use explosive barrels against him unless you had extreme dedication; you would have to carry them all the way up the stepstones from surrounding islands, fly them to that island, have them probably despawn, etc.

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Im aware! The 500 damage would have been HUGE though - I ended up murderising him with his own element of magic so im happy !!

I found the easiest way to kill him is with a branch bow + golden arrows, using quickdraw. Use it on him when he’s doing storm of arrows

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they don’t have quickdraw

Yeah ik, just stating how I did it


arent explosive barrels extremely weak against bosses anyway


what happened to your old name :frowning:

Cryonical is Evolving!

Your Cryonical has Evolved into IcedT!

you changed your fonts?


So I beat the shit out of Argos first try. Turns out, he is a huge weakling when you pull out any ranged weaponry. I had no recovery items but I found my iron armor to be good enough.

Moving on to Ravenna at level 107, I have hit my first roadblock.


Carina is not usually a huge issue - she’s actually one of the easiest bosses in the game below Elius, Iris, and Shura.
The only issue is her second phase. With her movement speed and regeneration, for a no-stat build, it’s hell. Ive decided Im going to spent a bit of the day grinding for Argos’s armor [speifically the helmet] and Elius’s Scimitar and Stormcaller.

The scimitar will be a welcome aesthetic change, whilst the stormcaller is a long needed buff to my set up.

For any who are curious, I currently do around 140-150 damage with my magic blast, and an average of 50 damage melee with around 150 on ranged too.
Predicting based on my past with a build not too disimilar to a no-stat run, Calvus probably will be easier than Carina.

Carina regen makes her super difficult for this build
Gonna invest in new gear.