Chapter 2, A Friend of Fire - The Savior of the Flames

Aaron felt compelled to swipe his hand across the air, and he did. A red magic circle appeared out of the air, and then a blast of fire erupted out of the circle, going straight for the soldiers. The soldiers put their hands up in defense, but the blast was too powerful. On contact, the projectile exploded leaving the area around it charred. The Ravenna soldiers fell to the ground, screaming until they couldn’t. It was over for them: they were dead.

How could Aaron be so stupid? If he had just used his eyes, he would have seen the Ravenna symbol hanging on banners around the town. But right now, that was the least of his concerns. The commotion he caused will attract unwanted attention, so he ran through town with his head down. All of a sudden, a door opened, and a hand grabbed him tight and pulled him inside.

Aaron knew better than to shout, so he asked calmly to his captor, “Who are you?” His captor replied, “I am Damian Arcturus, a user of fire magic similar to yours, though your magic seems much more powerful. I might have an idea of what type of magic you are using, but time will tell. Anyway, I am a fire conjurer, a person who imbues their magic into weapons. I am an enemy of Ravenna, and it seems like you are too, so I wanted to ask you if I can join you on your journey.” Aaron was surprised, but he figured he would need all the friends he could get. He replied, “Of course, I think you will be very useful on my team.”

Team. Aaron said team. He didn’t really know what he meant by team, but getting a team was probably his best bet at remembering who he really was. Damian just had only a few words for him: “Let’s get this show on the road.”


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Really good plotline but i just have like 1 peckish thing cos i write stories for my english Class. Why would a random person see another random person with way more powerful magic and immediately ask to be his partner? unless im an idiot and thats how it happens.

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Because that random person who asks for team is Damian Arcturus (me) and “I” don’t like Ravenna and I saw Aaron (Arpee) destroying Ravenna soldiers.

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I’m pretty sure there are more people on my team if I speak like there’s already a team before Aaron joined. Or maybe I’m just reading it wrong

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