Chapter 4.5: Training on the Fundamental Basics

(This is during the boat trip, not after it. Just to clear up a few things :>)

Lelantos landed with a heavy thud on the wooden floor, the floorboards creaked under the force he fell. “Come on kid! Ya can’t just fall for the same trick now can you?” Jons spoke with a sigh, holding a strange long tool in his hands. Lelantos slowly got up, his breath a bit labored as he got up on his feet again. “It’s hard to predict that attack, Mr. Fisher… it just goes through any defense I try!” the boy complained, his hand moving towards his cheek as he slowly rubbed it. There appeared to be a slight bruise on it like it was hit by something hard. Lelantos slowly let his mind work for a bit, each time he tried to dodge or block it, it just hit him again. “Well kid, it’s the ultimate weapon of a legendary fisherman like me! Meet the Thwarter!” Jons said with an extremely proud glint in his eyes, holding up the object now. The object, or rather the Thwarter, seemed to be built like a fishing rod, but with a steel frame that outlined its thin yet sturdy frame. The thwarter had a rather shorter rope than other fishing rods. But instead of having a hook, it had a blunt steel object at the end of it. The reeling of the rope was also automatic, which was rather advanced for a fishing rod.

“It looks so hard to… use though…” Lelantos slowly commented, observing it more as it caught his childlike curiosity quite well. Jons looked on with a proud smirk, as he quickly swung it at fast speeds. The blunt steel on the end quickly was thrown, the rope extending its range. The steel pierced the air with ease, the air splitting as it swung at high speeds. Yet with a flick of his grip on the handle, the steel completely changed its trajectory, striking like a whip at the air. Lelantos slowly put his arms in front of him again, taking the stance Jons had taught him, forearms up, upper arms straight with the shoulders. The hands were formed in fists as Lelantos slid his left foot backward a bit, getting a more lean stance. It was quiet for a bit, the only thing that could be heard was the whirling sound of the rope being reeled back automatically on the Thwarter. The silence soon could be heard between them, as the boy took one last breath. With that one breath, he completely shifted his weight forward as his legs acted like pressed springs, launching him forward. ‘This kid is fast…’ the fisherman thought before taking a quick step as he whipped the Thwarter forward. The steel was launched forward at intense speeds, and Lelantos quickly placed the back of his hand in direction. The steel collided with his hand, he could already feel the pain rushing through his hand, yet it was no time to stop over it. Clenching his fist tightly, Lelantos pushed through the pain, snapping it back into his guard as he dashed forward again. ‘Quite the willful one too, that must have hurt him… well looks like you’re gonna fall for the same trick again!’ on Jons’s face, there could be seen a wide smirk. Before the steel hit the floor, he snapped his wrist as he changed its trajectory, the steel’s speed going up again as it pierced the air. It wasn’t soon before Lelantos felt it colliding with his chin, he could feel the way it wrapped around his guard to hit him. He felt darkness closing in on him, he couldn’t feel anything, and his head was tilted to the side due to the hit. He already felt his weight pushing him down, along with gravity. Yet this was expected, he could never dodge or block the second strike, it would always hit him. The best bet was to expect it and brace for it, and that the boy did.

Yet even if it was expected for him to not endure, Lelantos clenched his jaw as he forced himself back into his conscience. Shifting his right foot quickly in front of him as dust flew everywhere, stopping his fall. The boy took no chance as he quickly used his right arm to grab the steel object before it could be whirled back. His left hand clenched tightly into a fist, as he was in the worst position to throw most punches. His legs were spread, his body was nearly the ground and his left arm was the only one that could be moved, or else his balance would shift him into his fall. Any ounce of energy that was left was used, he swung his upward. Lelantos could feel how low he was, his knuckles skidded against the wooden floorboards of the ship as he launched it upward. 'What in Mother Terra Green Lands… How in the hell-" yet Jons was not able to finish that question, as the boy’s fist smashed his jaw upward. Jons fell backward, a bit disoriented from the clean uppercut. Rubbing his jaw, he heard a soft thud as Lelantos finally lost his balance, falling to the ground with a heavy breath and sweat all over his body. “Well sh#t kid…” Jons spoke, a worried look on his face as he looked at Lelantos. “Didn’t mean to hit ya chin… but how in the hell did you not get knocked out Oh…” Jons soon ate his words as Lelantos did not respond, knocked out cold on the floor.

“You should be careful next time, taking a hit to the chin like that…” Jons slowly spoke, his tone a bit softer with a worried tone. Lelantos was sitting on the bed, his chin bandaged up a bit, while a cup of water lay next to him. “You worried me there, but I can say you’re a bit of a tough cookie now!” Jons chuckled at his joke, lighting the mood up a bit for Lelantos. Slowly picking up the glass of water, Lelantos took a sip out of it, seeing the way it felt tasteless. “It… has no taste, Mr. Fisher.”. Jon sighed, shifting his position to the table in the room which seemed to have a lot of letters. Soon the table was seen as a mapping table, the letters being pinned to specific locations. Jon took one of the letters, taking the pin out of it as he slowly read it. “Hey, ya know that Old Man?” Jons spoke, looking at Lelantos still trying to sip all the water. “Him…? The one who saved me…?” Lelantos slowly spoke, his tone a bit low and not much movement with his jaw. “Ye, well he planned some sort of… travel?” Jons spoke, the boy looking at him confused. “Travel plan?” Lelantos spoke, before speaking again, “And who is the old man? He seems important…”. Jons smirked, pinning the letter back onto the map table.

“Don’t worry, you’ll learn later kid!” Jons laughed, seeing Lelantos child-like curiosity peaking up again.