Character customization

will there be any unique stuff when you customize your character

like can i become a 7 feet behemoth that cant fit through a door :hippopotamus:

or can my eyes be so far apart from each other that i look like a fish :blowfish:

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What the

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I honestly have no words

Doubt it. But even without character customization to that degree, drip is going to be fucking nuts in AO at a high level with all of the items in the game.

changing character size was mentioned at some point i think

Might be a gamepass in the future but nah, also the height thing would be pretty goofy considering hitboxes

probably not

In the QnA, vet mentioned he might add potions in the future that can make you taller or shorter.

As for the main customization screen, I don’t think it’ll be too different from WoM except with more options for things like hair, skin colour etc.

Maid items, cat ears, and cat tail accessories will exist

ahh i forgot about that

if that is the case and if items scale to your size (which probably will be the case), i wonder how tall your character could be with like a wizard hat or sum :tophat:

where are the local nerdy girls and/or guys

it was deadass in the qna

as divanochi said vetex might add something that makes you slightly taller or shorter later on, i doubt youll be able to be super short or super tall though because of hitbox reasons, probably like a .25 stud difference at most

for moving your eyes, you cant do that, i cant even think of a way you could move them apart on roblox without either having them float off the head or making a ton of seperate textures

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so far its basically the same as wom with a better UI, eye colors, and more faces, hairstyles and… clothes i think?

I mean you could just have the same hitboxes as normal with the potions, but honesty I really want being smaller to affect your hitboxes

that way, annoying as all fuck metamancer pvp shits have no way of denying that they’re a little kid

The funny tall man throwing gold?

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