Character Quotes

Think of some cool quotes that your character would say/relate to them (must be original)

Fuck it, we ball
Fuck it, we ball
Fuck it, we ball
Fuck it, we ball
Fuck it, we ball

“I’ve not often had to work with people… but I’m going to be asking for compensation. Ive not been paid nearly enough to fight Sirens for you.”
— Akos Frost, The Great Trans-Northwest Passage chase.

“Whose ship is this?”
— Marilyn Fritz, “The Lightning Strike”, right before hurling cannonballs at her friend’s ship.

Mei Bliss: “It doesn’t matter how far the seas stretches, as long as I’m with my crew, I’ll always be at home!”
Vincent Talon: “If a knight can’t protect his people, then who shall protect them for him?”
Caroline Zelgius: “Good or bad, innocents or criminals, we all just want to survive. Criminals like us just want to live like the rest of you.”

Something like these


  • argors

“I respect a man who is not swayed in his path, staying true to his beliefs whether it be right or wrong, to me, that solidifies their determination.”

“Despite your darkness… You’re quite the holy spirit.”
(Interacting with another character)
-Jonathan Moses, Emissary of Virtue

“Whatever happens does not matter, shake it away and sail onwards to glory and redeem yourself, that’s what matters.”

“Your weak, I’m strong, get that through your head before you incur my wrath you worthless dog.”
(Interacting with another character)
-Aarav Adventos, Exiled Magi Prince of North

“What a tragedy that you feel the need to leave, I would say if you actually cared about me or this crew in the slightest.”

“I’m thankful that you decided to throw yourself overboard instead of dragging the whole clan down with you.”

-Wilford Shield, to a departing founder.

“Magic, Weapons, spacing, blah blah blah, I just keep punching until I hit my enemies, no fuss, no muss.”
-Jenny Fallenfire, Heated Pirate of the Bronze Sea.

“If you don’t know how to cook two basil herbs in one pot, then don’t act like we are so different.”
-Jennifer Silverthorn, the Argent Tempest

“i should punch a shark today”
Melissa Booth, 3 seconds before jumping into a whirlpool to punch a lurker

“I’m sending you to stratosphere.” - Gale Windmask, to a random player in Ravenna.

“next stop, cirrus town!”

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“Get forked!”
-Golden Forks, after impaling someone with their gold imbued trident



“In the shadows of darkness, I found my light, and with it, I’ll carve my path through the tides of destiny.”
—Annette “The Reckoning Rogue” Ankh

“Power is not given; it’s taken. I’ll sail the stormy seas, climb the tallest masts, and seize my well-deserved fame!”
—Evelynn “The Ruthless Voyager” Elytra

“A shield for those I love, a force against all odds. With each unyielding step, I’ll be their unwavering protector.”
—Madelyn “The Resilient Shieldmaiden” Mighty

“They say ignorance is bliss. Well, I must be the happiest girl on the seas, becau—”
—Zoey “The Naive Crystal Compassionista” Zephyr, seconds before a cannonball goes through the hull of her ship

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“Yalls are slow genuine skill issue”

  • William the Light/Ice mage with almost all agility

“Edward… I think we did something terrible.”
-Kaden Ketch, after leveling Fort Talos and accidentally killing many of the soldiers inside

“Be glad, Calvus. I hear actual hell is cooler than the one you’re going to be in for your last minutes.”
-Amber Cinders, prior to killing King Calvus

“Hey Iris, how’s the weather down there?”
-Amber (5’8”) to Iris (5’0”)

“Being good is not about fame. It’s not about renown. It’s not about all the benefits nor being remembered. It’s about doing the right thing, knowing that it’s not easy. Why? Because to the just, there is no other choice.”

(swears loudly in succession as they beat up pirates)

“Don’t even fucking think about it.”
-A party member when their gen 5 friend gets “Sound Magic” as their lost magic.