Characters/places/other stuff the dark sea ghosts mention

info gotten from what i’ve seen and the wiki, in no particular order, and likely incomplete:

  1. Sirens in the dark sea
  2. Theos and the seven seas (arcane adventures)
  3. one ghost was wiped out by durza vs theos
  4. King Arthur (is this cursebeard I’m not sure). Strange thing is that one ghost mentions spirit weapons being condemned by King Arthur.
  5. Ian’s cross was mentioned by a ghost (idk what it is lol but there is mention of it in the forum)
  6. Lord Lancelot (I don’t know anything about this person)
  7. Agravain (I don’t know anything about this person/object)
  8. Prometheus
  9. city of Camulodunum
  10. potentially the inferno curse? a ghost who mentions Lancelot also mentions blue flames, either used by Lancelot or used against Lancelot

since warren is the protector of azura, he could be revered by the citizens and in the government, thus given the title of lord. since warren and lancelot both use blue flames this means warren could be lord lancelot, thus his name would be lord warren lancelot. this all just a theory tho

Very likely to be Cursebeard, since some of the ghosts comment on them not feeling King Arthur’s presence anymore, and asks if he has joined them.

Ian’s Cross is the town in which Prometheus first started teaching humans the gift of magic, in the guise of an old monk.

Agravain is one of the characters in Arthurian Legend. I don’t know anything about him.

Camulodunum is the ancient Roman name for Colchester, UK.

Don’t forget, Torren might have been un-retconned:

tl;dr: hes a traitor

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