Cheating Andys!

Found this rando who could attack me despite not being level 30 yet and completely one shot me. I don’t know if I report this here or somewhere else but regardless. His user name is Dumb_Nyghha, (I know terrible). I do have a video but i’m not sure how to share it any advice.

Report it to a mod and also you could stream the video by using

The name alone shows that it doesn’t deserve to be given any sort of second look. There is however a legitimate way to attack people level 60 while being under the requirement. Nonetheless I know there is an exploit out there that allows someone to 1 shot so once again, more proof.

I mean isn’t exploiting a bannable offence too and still cheating?

Get the hoe banana’d :slight_smile:

Well, if you attacked that big prison tower, you can get killed by anyone while the magic council hates you or while you close by, it doesn’t matter if you’re level 1 or 29, you can be killed by anyone if you do that. Now how quick he killed you, depends on his level and yours.

Yea I think if you have a bounty or if your rep is low enough then low lvls can hurt you.

Well, your case is already known, a random dude before had a report of him getting insta killed by a player when full hp, it’s a exploit

This happened to me before, I had a bounty so I could get attacked by people under Level 30, but they did 700+ damage to me in one hit with a Lightning blast. I don’t have the person’s name showing when it actually happened, but I have a lot of clips of them and their stats are suspicious, but I feel it will be much too complicated to convince a moderator that it was that person…

He was level 3 and was level 60 so you should see the problem there.