Chests Becoming Unopenable (More Info)

What were you doing before bug occurred: I was chest hunting, and when I used my high jump spell, the chest didn’t work. It didn’t have the little mouse over that it usually has, and it was still visibly intact.
I was near the Abandoned Arena

Steps to reproduce: I don’t know if this is for every magic but here is how to reproduce.

  1. Use a High Jump spell next to, or on top of a chest.
    Extra Info:
    Magic: Lightning
    Highjump Settings: 60%
    Spell Name: “Holy Ascent”

F9 Logs ( press f9 to view them in-game):

Video + Images:

Chest is still intact:

Lightning has a fairly high destruction - are you sure you didn’t destroy the chest?
It sounds like you destroyed the chest.

Im sure, the chest was visibly still intact, all the parts of the chest were lined up. I tested multiple times too just to make sure.

Where is the images?

I had that happened to me before but I didn’t used moves, just ran up to it. Yes the chests still look intactes as well.

yeah, you totally did just break it open.

I’ll add a clip soon.

Added some images, and stuff

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