Chip dip; the second dippening

hi guys its me chip dip guy again you know the guy who made the chip dip like 2 years ago yeah im that guy yeah chip dip

3 tbsp sour cream
1 tbsp mayonaise
italian seasoning
garlic powder
the tears of your enemies (optional)
voodoo doll (optional)

combine mayonas and socream
grind/shake in a good amount of italian seasoning, around enough to make a tiny pile on your palm (results may vary, i have the hands of a woman)
put in a pinch of garlic powder
crack some pepper in for pepper points

using the tears, imbue a voodoo doll with the essence of your enemy, and as soon as the ritual is complete, shove said voodoo doll into the garbage disposal, and turn on. if you lack a garbage disposal, you may use any method that destroys the doll.

eat with chip.


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btw the voodoo doll ritual is also a funny prank to play on your friends


sorry dude i don’t dip my chips nor do i have chips

instructions unclear, ended up making black powder

instructions nuclear, italy now nonexistent