Choose a superpower and the first reply chooses the downside

Pretty self explanatory, hopefully this thread is just as funny and interesting as all the ones I’ve read.

Anyways to start it off I have the ability to teleport.

You cannot control where you teleport.

I choose telekinesis

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Everytime you use it you get diarrhea for 3 hours

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O my very old topic. Don’t know hot to bring it up but very well. I choose probability manipulation

Whatever you manipulate will always be an impossibly low number for it to happen.

I choose the ability of flight

except the probability to manipulate the probability is randomized.

elemental magic

You suffer the side effects of the magic/element.

For example useing fire u suffer wounds of flames and etc.

Bro why didn’t reply to u lol

complete invulnerability to everything

It’s only temporary ( a couple minutes at best) and u have extreme stamina drain

i got off easy with that one ngl

I mean could have said things are invulnerable to you as well but I didnt

oof that would’ve been better

cause you’re a fucking loser and didn’t give yourself a superpower I’ll give you ONLY a downside
you have Brittle Bones that break incredibly easily from any sort of impact, wether it be weak or strong.

Anyways my superpower is that I can transform into a magical girl and I can kill people with the power of friendship by shooting friendship beams from my friendship wand

you’ll suffer clinical depression from killing your newly made friends

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You don’t look attractive

Bro it is a downside, I mean I was thinking of something on the spot.

some serious madoka magica type shit love it

you only gave a downside
you’re supposed to say a superpower as well

I get the ability of mobility and able to dodge really well