Choose your absolute favorite forumer

if you said “i like all forumers” you are a basic bitch

If i say except you it counts? :))))

if you exclude me you are slightly less of a basic bitch


Guy was clearly underaged yet was so exponentially nice to everyone nobody dared try to report him.
I don’t think there was ever a time where he wasn’t liked for his wacky random images and funny words.
Truly the best forumer. I wonder where he is now:

working hard at school

oh right uh
@LittleShrekSheep is the very cool

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@Cryonical , Who has already been @'d here many times was there for me (literally just doing his job) on my Journeys (binges) back to regular (no life) status.10/10 would do again

he posts cats


An amazing reason

I like all of yall,sorry i dont have a favorite lol.


Vetex. And me.

Reminds me of time when I had nickname “aibolit_super”

I like most if not all people here (obviously excluding the criminals) (how did we get actual lawbreakers on a lego game forum :skull:)


I don’t know you

im cryin irl

im sorry. I just don’t see you very often. Get more reputation in the community

I have too much reputation and not the good kind :skull:

At last you can still use the “forum merchants”

the forum what?