Chromebook issue

on chromebook when making a reply I can barely press the reply button, and the cancel button is completely missing

@Cryonical mentioned having this problem too

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i’m using a Chromebook right now and its fine, i’ll tell you if i see anything wrong later

only noticed this with stores because of the rating system
thats on all devices for me though

i think you just have skill issue :yawning_face:
(im using a chromebok rn)

Your chromebook isn’t bugged, it’s just an issue that’s prevalent/exclusive to my shop, probably due to the long title and ratings, and I noticed this a while ago, here’s how to fix it:

You’re probably seeing something like this

Just pull the bar at the top a little bit and you’ll be able to see the reply and cancel buttons

the fact that you only mention this after replying to my shop and not when replying to other shops proves that it’s probably just my shop, no im not making the title shorter minitroll

actually after some investigation it’s probably just an issue in shops you haven’t rated anything in


i mean same issue with my store

again, as you said, its an easy fix lol

i never notice it with other stores so i just assumed, but then i figured it out in the end shrug

There’s a fix for this issue. You just have to lift the blue bar up (click and drag or tap and drag) and the rest of the UI will show up. (Let me test this on phone real quick to make sure it actually does work)

well shit it isn’t happening on my phone so just take my word for it

Imagine using your chromebook and not your phone :yawning_face:

Good work, Holmes.

thanks :nerd_face:

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this is why you’re my homie

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you better have these off cuz i post a fuckton

i do