Clair, The ocean's treasure

Then she saw it, much life than any forest in land and greater beauty than any painting made by the men, “what a peaceful place to die…” she thought, while the ship drowned deeper into this unknown world.

As if the water seduced her lips, she gently opened her mouth and slowly closed her eyes, giving up any remaining struggle and accepting her fate…
But she wasn’t feeling the suffering of drowning, it was different, her soul was carefully floating, as if the cold of death wasn’t touching her, but the warm of life, “is this how dying feels like?” she thought, no fear neither pain, just a feeling of pleasuring rest.

Something came to her eyelids, a strong warm, the sunlight violently trying to enter her eyes while the sounds of the waves sweetly singing into her ears, just a little and vulnerable girl in the vast sea, however, there was something different inside of her, happiness, hope, the deeps where now her new home, a heaven to live in where her fragile body was safe from anything, the water was now her new friend.

she was no longer a child lost in the oceans, or a victim of it’s fury, but a woman with her lover.

Water magic is probably one of the less used magics in WoM, or well, liquid magics in general aren’t that seen, that’s why i decided to make a first water user OC, however this isn’t official lore content, is just something i thought could fit a water mage, a kind, happy and hopeful girl.



welcome to sea world

Woman falls in love with literal water

Strangest Stockholm syndrome scenario I can think of


this is davy jones and calypso but the genders are reversed

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The poetic first part, great. Rather than a text with lore and explaining, thiis is how th character is introduced. This is a very nice adition to the already good enough drawing. Now, a question? Are you the same Electro that was in L.L.O. and left about… 2 and a half months ago?


cute one

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Water magic gang
Truth, it IS underrated. But otherwise the best combo magic in the game.

The past has come to haunt you… Beware, for you may simply think, but I am sure of it…

Ok but really, someone help me. Is water wet? :sleeper:

Idk what makes you wet


Local witch falls in love with water

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