Clan allegiance feature

Clan allegiance feature
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So with empire update coming soon, and the possibility of syndicate/navy getting their own infamy, it would result in a Official vs Official vs Unofficial situation which i personally believe can end up problematic, so i thought of a simple new feature that would allow players in a player made clan to side with an ofifcial clan

1. Allegiance Declaration

  • Clans Choose Allegiance: Player-made clans can declare allegiance to either the Grand Navy or the Assassin Syndicate(referred to as factions from now on for convenience) at their respective outpost. Or choose to stay neutral ( note: doing so should cause infamy reset)

2. Faction Leaderboard

  • Global Leaderboard: Introduce a new leaderboard that tracks the overall performance of the Grand Navy vs. the Assassin Syndicate.
  • Clan Contributions: Individual clan contributions will affect both their own standing and the overall faction’s position on the leaderboard.

3. Cycle System and Token Rewards

  • Cycle Duration: Could last either a certain amount of time (a few months?) or just until next content update

  • Infamy Reset: At the end of each cycle, reset the current infamy for factions (Not clans!).

  • Awarding Tokens: Tokens are awarded based on:

    • Individual clan contribution.
    • Whether the clan’s faction won the cycle
  • Token Usage: Tokens can be used as currency to purchase faction-specific cosmetics, catalysts, and reagents.

4. Benefits of Allegiance

  • Exclusive Content: Clans aligned with a faction gain access to exclusive content such as buildings(maybe just themed skin variations of them) and cosmetics accessories or just reagents/catalyst using clan tokens
  • Battle Support: Aligned clans receive periodic support during battles against opposing faction clans.
  • fame/bounty boost & autohunt: simillar system to the current benefit of joining grand navy or syndicate

5. Contribution Mechanisms

  • Infamy Sources: Any current source of infamy, including territory control and PvP victories, contributes to both the global faction ranking and the clan’s individual infamy (i.e faction infamy is just total infamy gained by clans during the cycle)
  • Navy influence: clans capturing territory increases or decreases navy’s influence based on their allegiance


Inability to be the opposite renown of your clan’s allegiance

Inability to attack navy clans if you are navy

(side note: in case of navy the term infamy would have to be changed)


Good idea. This would be helpful in making the clan system more realistic.

These two notes are a bit alarming but I like the idea.

faction specific potions and forced infamy reset feels weird.

I didnt mean faction specific potions , just general reagents / catalyst being avaible to purchase in addition to cosmetics

the infamy reset is more of a lore/logical reason but could be omitted ig, if a clan was known to be INFAMOUS decides to join navy then i feel like their name should have been cleared or something

well I’m glad that confusion is cleared up lol.

i fw this

me when mercenaries:
(we NEED the ability to become mercs frfr)

Honestly, I’d much rather have this than the way clans currently work.

add allegiance to corsairs too. Lots of resources, but less help in combat

We finna start up WoW in AO with this.

“For the Syndicate!”

No but seriously, this is like guilds within the Horde and the Alliance on WoW. I love it.

Hell, I’ve even got something that would fit in-lore as your token currency: Electrum coins, the first known metal coins on Earth. Made of an alloy consisting primarily of gold and silver, they’d be less valuable than the mostly gold primary currency, Galleons, but still valuable enough to have clout. Perfect fit for a token.

Good idea and good formatting. I like this, especially as an addition to NPC clans getting infamy. (This is basically a bump comment)

Every PvP clan ever gonna have allegiance with the assassin syndicate

Bump! Replying to keep this open.

More reasons to be in or create clans ig

I can see this feature fitting into AO perfectly, Thou i don’t think we should add immunity against clans of the same faction as it would cause confusion (mostly cuz clans have different colors)

could just be branded as civil wars and such.

One final bump, just to see how much higher the Vote count gets.

Can we get much higher?

( so high )

As a dungeons and dragons player, no.