Clan flagships

How big will clan flagships be? They will probably be the biggest ship in the game, bigger than even ships of the line, but how big is that exactly?

We probably don’t know yet, but maybe a tester will have some idea.

I doubt that even testers have an idea

There’s really nothing to go off of as of right now, all we know is that it’ll probably be big

Yeah I thought that that was probably the case.

Really strange guess and probably, definitely 100% an inaccurate guess -
But somewhere from 1/5 to an entire 3rd of Borealis length, possibly bigger or smaller depending on the size of other ships, but I doubt vetex would want regular solo players to have ships that are bigger than many islands, but clan flagships probably should be very large and threatening. suncry.

Of course we could be thinking about the entire flagship incorrectly and this thing I spent 5 minutes of my life typing out could be meaningless, but we’ll see

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