Clan Leader Guide

This is a full guide for all future or current Clan Leaders who want to improve their clan.

Infamy & Requirements

Alot of people seem to think setting a tax/fee/requirement to join a clan filters out all the bad members. Which in some cases is true, but it also filters out the good players who don’t know if they will farm or not. Never set any requirements other than: Region, Language, and thats all.


A Good way to advertise is do the following things:

  • be funny on your ads
  • put as much detail as possible
  • try to put your logo on literally everything you can
  • offer your clan members incentives to advertise with you

Get your name known

Don’t be afraid to be “cringey” If you want your name known, make it known, you kill someone, tell them who sent you.

Thats all fellas, thanks for reading :slight_smile: and i hope this helps you on your journey.

  • Made by ProjectKata#6868, the leader of Centurion.

if you have any questions feel free to reply and ill try to answer them

The irony

nevertheless nice guide but i don’t know if its a good idea to accept literally anybody, some people will just take up a slot and contribute 0 infamy despite being in the clan for a while, this is a big problem to worry about especially since you can only kick them out of your clan if they’re in the same server as you

vetex needs to fix that because i can guarantee many clans have “dead slots” which are basically just non kickable inactive members

That’s true but with 200 max members, this is rarely an issue.

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