Class question

Question :
if I distribute my stats points like this
30% wpn
30% fs
40% vit
what class do I fall under?
I think warlord, but I’m not sure.

That’s a Savant

Would really appreciate it if it’s like that.

But here a couple of additional questions.

If that stats distribution makes me a savant, do I forget my magic?
If not, why?
That’s basically a Warlord that invested in vitality, with no points in magic.

Ty for the answer.

I don’t think so, you’ll only have Tier 0 blast tho lol

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Nah savants don’t forget anything, you’ll just be unable to use anything other than your first magic’s blast (if you go Magic Savant for any odd reason, you’d be unable to even use your second magic’s blast)

“why yes i do know a second magic, im a magic savant after all”

“use it then”

“…well you see-”

I see, i see.
I had forgot that even with no point in magic we can still use a spell, since I never use magic.

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