Claws + Weapon Stat

Where can i find the claws weapon and does the weapon stat affect weapon damage or nah?

your level affects damage your stat unlocks attacks and your build. if your build includes weapons your weapons will deal 100% damage unless you invest in vitality (don’t do that)

you can get claws from any weapon chest but architect Merlot drops an uncommon claw weapon

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who is merlot and where do i find them

they are an assassins syndicate architect located at whitesummit

level 300 so you will most likely not be able to handle them


oh my god as soon as you replied i found some rusty claws

in a chest

damn??? I kinda wanted his claws…

Goddamn, well if other much better players have it, I can obtain it too.

Gus Frin- I mean Brumba making some weapon obtaining moves here

Just take him outside and use the terrain to avoid his attacks

Do you know the drop chance btw?

It’s on the trello

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