Close the Guild Category

I’m sorry but I can’t be the only one who thinks that the guild section has to go. What’s the purpose of it anymore? All people do is go there to be toxic and start flame wars, and that’s with reason. I mean, what else would anyone go and do in there? What is there to discuss? It’s just a fight club at this moment. Anything that gets posted will cause a flame war be it if it was intentional or not.

Though, #guilds:guild-recruitment and sub-categories for guild only posts should remain. At least there people tend to be reasonable


The subcategories :frcryin:

Made an edit

I support this now :nod:

How do you make a category where you can only use the subcategories…

Move it to #guilds:guild-recruitment, I don’t know

If you don’t like it you can mute it

The drama is pretty fun tbh

Even if it were removed, the threads that spark the drama will instead be in #off-topic or #game-discussion:pvp, it’s not really the category that enables it.

I disagree with this, guilds are still a prominent part of the community, and should be treated as such, alike to #writing and #art.
yes my opinion here doesnt matter but i wanted to have a say on this

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what?!? no more section to go off on suncry for no reason? GRRRRRR OMG UHHHHHHH IM GONNA GO NUTS I NEED TO COMPLAIN ABOUT SUNCRY!!!

New idea, mute the guild category.

Technically the mods have to look at the category to moderate it, but there is nothing stopping them from muting it as well and pretending it doesn’t exist. If a guild member screams in a forest, and no one was there to hear it, did it really even happen?