Close to the sun

More of the sky dude


Is The Sky Dude Gonna Plummet down to his death or is he gonna get eaten by a shark in the sea?

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The flying white eyes honest reaction:

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how is he flying.

I threw him

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like a baby?


alright, makes sense

hope he breaks his neck

sheer force of racism


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WAH! I see naught of sky skates, incantations, or anything keeping them afloat!!!

Oh, dear Skyhallian, I do hope you hadn’t made wings of ice while flying near fire… :worried:


Did he get yeeted or…is he gonna try and yeet us?

where we droppin, boys?

Yoo this looks really cool. Cool dynamic pose and clothing folds!

naming someone who looks down upon those who live near the sea “icarus” is such a galaxy brain move


It was all thanks to a random shower thought

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the power of the shower compels you to go higher.

Daedalus would be so disappointed in bro

I wouldnt be surprised if that actually turns out to be the name Vetex planned for Skyhall’s ruler