Closed atm

Closed since people don’t understand what rarity exchange is.

Highway robbery :sleeper:

this is the worst trade deal in the history of trade deals. maybe even ever.

Man put his username here, bouta warp to him and rk :troll:

Good luck, I’m with my friends rn who are all level 90. Give us a challenge.

It was a joke, my laptop is fucking charging :sleeper:. But I bet I could shit on you and your friends anytime. :sunglasses:

Sure you could. You can’t 6v1 someone buddy.

Lol that exiled helm says I can. Set a date or sumin, this will be fun.

Just cause I’m on an alt trading random garbage i got for some stuff I could market later he thinks he can 6v1 an entire guild of full level 90s, 3 of whom who use synergetic heavy magics and all have good enchanted boss gear

It started off as a joke but mk whatever you say. Now set a date.

Man really said “enchanted boss gear,” lmfao. This will be ez.

ok dude, whatever floats your boat.

a helmet is not even close to being worth a weapon, what makes you think we wanna do this trade

Lol you mean closed for being a scam?

Sorry but what??? “Rarity exchange”???
That doesnt exist :fr:

Youll need to offer way more for an oathkeeper or rip someone off in game who doesnt know the values


LOL “since people cant understand what rarity exchange is.” my guy a exiled helm is not rare at all, while a oathkeeper is a very rare weapon drop from exiled… my guy you need to learn the values Lmao

LOL MY GUY ENCHANTED BOSS GEAR IS TRASH, unless all hard exiled items which are rare too LOL you need to learn your stuff

mmm yes rarity exchange. time to trade a halloween item for headless

LOL it is what he meant so…

@SpycrabYT ! YOOOO you wanna do my most trash enchants boss drops for your good enchant drops? or clean? and if you have a headless you wanna do Halloween item for your headless? It is rarity exchange so…